rapa Nui Soluciones Sustentables ltda.

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Who We Are

Christina Reams
  • - General Manager
  • - Customer Account Manager
  • - Chief of Operations
Konturi Hitorangi
  • - Installation & Site Manager
  • - Sales Representative
  • - Customer & Cultural Relations
Edward 'Casey' Reams
  • - Head of Design & Engineering
  • - Director of Research & Development
  • - Principal Investor


Why Go Solar?

There are many reasons to invest in renewable energy, such as solar, wind, geothermal to name a few.

So why is solar the best available solution?

  • 1.  Everyone gets sun.  Based on your location, other renewables like wind or geothermal may not be available. Solar can cover everyone and the costs are low enough now to make it worth investing.
  • 2.  Grants, tax rebates & other incentives are out there to help get communities off of fossil fuels.  Take advantage of these now while they are sill available.
  • 3.  Save yourself money on your electric bill. Once you own your own power production, every month's electric bill never leaves your pocket. In fact if you generate more power than you consume in any given month, the power company is obligated to pay you for the energy you generated.
  • 4.  Do your part to reduce your carbon footprint by using a renewable resource to power your home.
  • 5.  Low / no maintenance needed. Once we install your solar panels, they are expected to last between twenty and thirty years without any major maintenance. We will do a system check once a year to make sure everything is performing as it should. Since it requires minimal maintenance, your cost should be very low.
  • Partners

    See a video of the largest solar installation in Switzerland, done by our supplier TRITEC

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